Pre Alignment checks

Before commencing wheel alignment on any vehicle it is very importatnt that all steering ball joints, king pins, wheel bearings, upper and lower suspension joints, spring eye pins and bushes, steering box operation, torque rod, panhard rod bushes and tyre pressures are checked and in good condition. 


Front Axle Wheel Alignment

Front axle wheel alignment consists of three main angles, camber, castor and toe. On most vehicles these are all adjustable. Some manufacturers limit adjustment to castor and toe or toe only, but after market camber and castor kits are available for most vehicles. In the case of a fixed I Beam axle, camber may be adjusted by axle camber correction, but should only be performed by members of the New Zealand Heavy Transport Wheel Aligners Association working under the NZ/AUS Standards AS/NZS 4737:2002. Castor can be adjusted with tapered castor wedges. Other steering angles that are measured are steering axis inclination (SAI) or (KPI) on I Beam axles, toe out on turns, set back and scrub radius angles.


Rear Axle Wheel Alignment

Rear axle wheel alignment is just as important as the front axle. If the drive axle or axles are not aligned correctly and are driving the vehicle to one side or the other driver has to steer to compensate putting undue stress on the steer axle tyres causing increased tyre wear, excess fuel consumption and driver fatigue.


Trailer Axle Alignment

Trailer axle tracking if incorrect causes the same problems as rear or drive axle alignment, with the same outcome in increased steer axle tyre wear, excess fuel consumption and driver fatigue.



Tyre technology has improved immensely over the years, It is now very important to choosse the correct tyre type for the application and configuration of the vehicle. The same tyre used on a tipping truck will not be suitable for line haul work etc. Load and speed ratings, tyre compounds, presure ratings and tread patterns allow for a greater choice of tyre to suit most configurations and applications.


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